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Birds and coffee, a world-class mix


Our Colombian Cultural Coffee Landscape is again on world’s sight for the immense potential we have as the main country for birdwatching globally with over 1930 species of the ten thousand which can be seen all around the planet.
This November, the city of Manizales is hosting once more the National Bird-Tourism Congress on its 7th edition to be held at “Recinto del Pensamiento” (Thought Precinct). Thanks to attention to the topic given by its governing class, the city was also able to become host of the 8th South American Bird Fair simultaneously; an event held for the first time in the country and which will corroborate why this capital city and its surroundings are a bird-tourism’s mecca.
This is not an easy challenge as after the success of the peace talks with FARC guerrilla by the previous national government, many of the more than the calculated 50 million bird lovers in the world are wanting to massively visit our country to enjoy the charm of the large number of bird species and then have a cup of world’s smoothest coffee amidst hallucinating landscapes being embraced by our people’s warmth.
We know of the efforts the government has made through FONTUR to give level to the competitiveness that bird-tourism needs and so the tasks achieved by the specialized firm AUDOBON is praiseworthy, as it has been working on the agreement with guilds and community associations that derive their income from tourism as well as designing, training and promoting the main routes for birdwatching in Colombia such as the Colombian Central Andes’ Route.
We are a birdwatching world power in the middle of a green paradise with an irresistible coffee aroma. All of this fill us with pride and hope for the thousands of foreigners who visit us today and for those who will come in the future.

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