Inicio NOTAS Actualidad Manizales, the best city to live at in Colombia

Manizales, the best city to live at in Colombia

Foto: Diego Fernando Giraldo

The best “vividero” (living place) is Manizales, according to the citizen perception poll carried out by the “Cómo Vamos” (How are we doing) Colmbian City Network. It beat great cities such as Medellón, Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla.  Its citizens (known as Manizalitas) are the proudest and they have reasons to feel so.
Security has made significant advances. In terms of mobility, journeys are short and fast inside the city. On unemployment, Manizales is known for its reduction of numbers from 16% four years ago to 8,7% in the present day.
The city is also known for being cultured and educated and has even been titled Colombia’s University City. It is one of the main cities at the Colombian Cultural Coffee Landscape as Cultural Heritage of Mankind, according to UNESCO. It is famous for its traditional annual fair, also host of the International Theater Festival (held in October) and the Bird-Tourism National Congress which highlights the city as as bird-watching mecca in the international context. Its historical downtown with profound Republican footprints excels with its architecture at places such as the Government Building and the imposing Cathedral. Coffee growing farms with beautiful hostals and Los Nevados National Natural Park are main attractions which are marked as Unmissable for national and international tourism.

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